Bristol Bridge Club is in Grenville Hall, 99 Oldfield Road, Hotwells, Bristol BS8 4QQ

To see our location on Google maps, and for directions by car from the M5, go to our Directions page.

Free Parking

After 7pm and all day Sunday there are no restrictions or charges so you are free to park anywhere in the area.


Pay & Display

Signs show you where the local residents’ parking scheme is in force, but there are plenty of Pay & Display spaces. All along the Club side of Oldfield Road is Pay & Display, the meter [2415] being just to the right of the Club. There are further spaces on both sides of Dowry Place in front of the Rose of Denmark pub, and along Little Caroline Place opposite. The meter [2416] for these spaces is in front of the pub. You can see a map of it all on the Council website here.

You can also pay for 3 hours of parking in Oldfield Place car park (opposite the Cumberland Basin end of Oldfield Road) and the little Charles Place Car Park in the road running round the back of the club.

Ringo Parking App

You can pay for your parking at the above meters (and elsewhere in Bristol) via the Ringo app. You must download and set up the app in advance, but you can then pay for - and extend - your parking from anywhere with a mobile phone signal. There is a small charge for using the app, but if you get your free half hour first and then pay for 3 hours on the app, 3.5 hours covers a session and is marginally cheaper than paying for 4 hours on the meter and you don't need the change! We aim to please!

To get a ticket for a free half hour's parking, input your car's registration and push the green button. Note the time it expires and remember to pay for another 3 hours' parking before it runs out. 

Blue Badge Parking

As with all Residents Parking Schemes in Bristol, if you have a Blue Badge you can park anywhere. With a blue badge you (or the person giving you a lift) can park for free and without a time limit in all the Permit Holders Only bays and Pay & Display bays (and on double yellow lines for 3 hours with the time clock). The only places you can’t park are in loading bays and Car Club bays. You can check the details on the council website here.

If you find any of this information out of date or can supply additional transport information, please let us know via Contact Us, or email - thank you.

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