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  • Janette Haynes Trophy

    Congratulations to Pauline Hart and George Whyte who won this before and after handicap. read more...
    Friday, 17 September 2021 by Sue O'Hara
  • Corona Virus Precautions

    It should go without saying that the health and safety of members is our first concern and accordingly, please note the following: Vaccination: We request that only members who have received double vaccination attend the club, unless they have a medical exemption. This is in accordance with guidance from the EBU and follows the practice being followed in the vast majority of other clubs. Masks: Optional. Members are welcome to wear masks if they prefer to, but there is no expectation or obligation... read more...
    Sunday, 05 September 2021 by Sue O'Hara
  • Reopening the Club

    The Club will reopen on Monday 6th September (unless there are any changes announced from the government) We are proposing to provide a similar programme to prior to the closure. However we will still run the Wednesday afternoon and Thursday evening sessions on RealBridge and not at the Club. Monday 1.15pm No-fears Pairs Monday 7.15pm Supervised Play Tuesday 7.15pm Club Pairs Wednesday 2pm Online Pairs Thursday 7.15pm Online Pairs Friday 10am No-fears Pairs Friday 7.15pm Arrow-switched Pairs... read more...
    Wednesday, 11 August 2021 by Sue O'Hara
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