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Bristol Bridge Club aims to provide facilities and opportunities for all its members to enjoy playing and learning bridge, no matter at what level. Beginner or international.

We are a large club and are able to offer playing sessions that suit all levels of ability. Non-members are always welcome.

The club has its own premises and we are situated near the centre of Bristol in Hotwells. The club consists of a large playing room with a smaller area for classes and a licensed bar that also offers light refreshments.

The club plays duplicate bridge on most days of the week, usually with a qualified director.

The club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU), via the Avon Contract Bridge Association (ACBA).

BRISTOL BRIDGE CLUB is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1167959.

There is car parking close by.

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Week 76

I have been away for a couple of weeks but have returned with some quite good material with which to regale my audience of single figures! 


First a bidding problem:


You hold 






You are playing teams, you are not vulnerable and the opposition are vulnerable. You hear 1NT to your right which is 13-15.

The choices are to bid clubs, pass or double. In bridge, vulnerability is often significant since defending is good if they are going off in big chunks but not if it is small numbers; namely fifties.

2C was not an option here as it showed the majors, so 3C is a possible bid which is fine.

The winning action is pass, since they will play there and go three off, losing 300 on a part score deal.


Next a play problem:


You reach 3NT on the following layout:












You receive a heart lead here.

Count your winners. 2 hearts, 2 clubs and one diamond and you can develop 3 spade tricks so require one more for the contract.

You must decide whether to duck or win and how to broach the other suits. You must develop spade winners and also play on one of the minors.

It looks evens between the minor suits but the diamond pips offer options whereas clubs need to be 3-3.

If you duck the lead and win the continuation you need to play a low diamond off the dummy next rather than the spade jack. The finesse in spades loses to the queen and the hearts are cleared with east still retaining an entry. (East holds Kx in diamonds ) so if you play a diamond early and they duck West wins and continues hearts but with the heart length to you right and the diamond entry gone the heart suit is neutralised. Declarer will play DA on the second round if the king is ducked but if they win the DK declarer can finesse through the QJ on the left.


The full layout was












The winning line is a little lucky and taking early spade finesse would not be a bad line just not successful.


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Saturday 5th - Sociable Saturday

Thursday 10th - EBU Simultaneous Pairs

Tuesday 15th - Spielman Cup Qualifier



Saturday 9th - Sociable Saturday

Thursday 14th - ACBA Men's & Ladies' Pairs

Tuesday 19th - Spielman Cup Final


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