Virtual Club Sessions

Until the Club re-opens, we are running Virtual Bridge Club sessions online via Bridge Base Online (BBO). You can find instructions for registering and playing on BBO here.

To play in these sessions, as well as first registering on BBO as above, you must register with us by sending your BBO name and EBU number to You can then participate in any of our sessions. They are called tournaments on BBO.

Finding our tournaments in BBO:

To navigate to our tournaments in BBO, click on 'Competitive' then 'All Tournaments' and then type Bristol in the search box. This should bring up the session you want, which you can then register for. You can either just pay your own table money, or pay for you and your partner.  Note, you both need to be online with BBO to register for the session.

We are still getting familiar with operating the software and overcoming any teething issues but hopefully, from your point of view, everything should be fairly seamless.



Currently, we are running three online sessions a week which are intended to echo the Club sessions that were played at the same times:

Tuesday Evening at 7.15pm - for stronger players

Wednesday Afternoon at 2pm - a medium level session for the average club player

Thursday Evening at 7.15 - Medium level session, 18 boards, price BB$4

Friday Morning at 10am - an informal and friendly session, geared to the less confident


For all these sessions we are charging BB$5 table money per person.  This means that either you, or your Partner, must have pre-loaded your BB$ account on BBO in order to pay in advance for the session you want to play in. You can do this via the Account function in BBO. BB$1 is equivalent to 1 US Dollar or currently about 80p.

BB$ can be purchased on the BBO website here. You should avoid purchasing BB$ through the BBO app as a surcharge will be applied.

Sessions do earn Masterpoints and count towards your NGS Grade. Results will be emailed to members in the usual way.

The EBU have provided lots of information about all of this here.


NB. We have also invited members of West of England BC to play in our sessions.

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Need a Partner?

Our online sessions can be found on Pianola so you can use the partner finder option to be able to play in them in the same way as you would have done for Club sessions.

Pianola's Partner Finder.

Login to your account and from the Partner Finder tab you can see if anyone else is advertising for a partner - you can also change your settings so that you are emailed notifications of ads. Or post an ad yourself and they will find you!

If you need help with Pianola, email

Help Wanted

We need to set up a list of substitute players. It is not possible to run a session with a half table. So the director needs to be able to find some substitutes at short notice. If you would like to volunteer to be on this list please can you give your name, BBO and contact details to If you are called on, you will get free play for that session. If we are unable to get local substitutes we will have to use random BBO substitutes.

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