Austwick Cup

This is a cumulative handicap pairs competition running on Tuesday evenings throughout the year from the beginning of May. You do not have to play with the same partner on each occasion, the winner is the individual or pair with the 8 highest best scores during the year.

11 out of 12 rounds have been played this year.


2022 Jude Archer
2020 Stephen Turner
2019 Keith McIndoe
2018 Richard Blacknell
2017 Gill Davies
2016 Delia Stephens
2015 David Beacham
2014 Simon Croucher
2013 Jan O’Brien
2012 Clive Bushby
2011 David Beacham
2010 Keith Rayford
2009 Gill Davies & Gerry Gowling
2008 Simon Croucher
2007 Sarah Hurst