Men’s Pairs

A single non-handicapped duplicate pairs event held annually in February. Each partnership must contain two male players. Pre-entry is not required,
Ladies' Pairs event run on the same night - no other duplicate is played at the same time, so you must make sure you have a partner of the same sex for the evening.


2020 Andrew Smith & Ralph Smith
2019 Gareth Evans & David Jones
2018 Tim Brierley & Graham Hartley
2017 Andy Smith & Ralph Smith
2016 David Jones & Robert Covill
2015 Clive Bushby & Ian Duncan
2014 Nelson Stephens & Mike Davies
2013 Michael Huggins & Robert Covill
2012 Bob Williams & Peter Owens
2011 Nelson Stephens & Aidan Schofield
2010 Robert Covill & Mike Huggins