Welcome to Bristol Bridge Club


Bristol Bridge Club aims to provide facilities and opportunities for all its members to enjoy playing and learning bridge, no matter at what level. Beginner or international.

We are a large club and are able to offer playing sessions that suit all levels of ability. Non-members are always welcome.

The club has its own premises and we are situated near the centre of Bristol in Hotwells. The club consists of a large playing room with a smaller area for classes and a licensed bar that also offers light refreshments.

The club plays duplicate bridge on most days of the week, usually with a qualified director.

The club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU), via the Avon Contract Bridge Association (ACBA).

BRISTOL BRIDGE CLUB is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1167959.

There is car parking close by.

For directions and map, click here.

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Hand of the Week

Week 31

First a hand from Thursday evening, which was difficult in the bidding.  I held







Partner opened a strong No Trump and I tried 3c which was a slam try type hand better you may say to transfer to clubs and then bid 3d to show both suits - indeed it would be better but we were not playing minor suit transfers. Partner bid 5c, which here should be less suitable than 4c, which is of course forcing. I gave the matter some consideration and partly because 3nt might be better at match points I raised to 6c (the controls are good) LHO found himself on lead holding both the CA and also the HA and he duly tried to cash the HA which was unfortunate dummy held







So now the slam was cold since the hearts provide two extra diamond discards . Should LHO find the winning lead ? I guess it depends how much you trust the 6c bidder.


Secondly a defensive problem. You hold







The bidding has gone 1d from you, double on your left, pass from partner, 3c  from RHO, 3h from LHO and 3nt from RHO. You kick off with the DQ and dummy is







Declarer wins the DK (partner following with the D7) and leads a club? You go in with the CA (if declarer had a guess holding 7 low clubs without the CQ he will get it right by rising with the king in any case since you opened the bidding) and declarer unblocks the CK while  partner follows with the C2?


How to defend? Examine the evidence Declarer has DK and DA and partner has petered showing 2 diamonds so a continuation will cost a trick as the DT will win. Declarer also holds the CQ. How many clubs does declarer hold? Either 6 or 4 as partner showed an odd number and if the latter surely he would have played on a major not clubs so he holds a 6 card club suit and DA and DK.


There are 3 key things to count on a bridge hand


1 The High Cards


2 The Distribution


3 The Tricks


Here the last of these is critical. Count those for declarer 2 diamonds, 3 in the majors and 5 club tricks assuming he has 6 of them so 10 in total.


Does the answer now become clearer?  Imagine partner holds Txx in clubs. Win the CA with the club suit blocked and return the DJ knocking out the DA which is the entry to the club suit. Declarer holds








the DJ costs a diamond trick indeed but it kills the club suit so leaves declarer with 3 major suit tricks, 3 diamonds and 1 club so whilst it costs 1 trick it gains 3 tricks by killing the club suit. This play has a name with an historical significance it is called a Merrimack Coup; so named after an American battleship built in the 1850s in Boston which saw action in the US Civil War. The ship was scuttled and the bridge analogy is the play of the DJ "scuttles the long club suit ".


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Up and Coming Events



Sunday 23rd - Curtis Cup 1.15pm



The club is running a course of 6 lessons on a Tuesday afternoon between 4.00 -6.30 pm.

The tutor will be David Jones and the course will be suitable for a range of abilities from intermediate to average club standard.

The classes will run from 23 October until 27 November and will include a presentation on the topic of the day with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and make comments followed by prepared hands to play on the theme of the day as well as full notes.

The cost is £8.00 per lesson or £40.00 for the course of 6 lessons.

The class size will be 20 for each session.

The subjects to be covered will be as follows :-


1 The Balanced and Unbalanced Hand Families

2 Weak or Strong No Trump, 4 or 5 Card Majors

3 Competitive Bidding

4 Opening Two Bids

5 Development of the Auction

6  Valuable Conventions.


Please would you sign up on the relevant sheet on the club notice board if you are interested in attending any of these lessons.

Login to Pianola for personal history of results, analysis of your performance and to advertise for a partner

Fast Track Course

A new course will be running on Saturdays  starting 29th September,  please email bridgeclassbristol@gmail.com to register your interest. A poster can be dowloaded here

Brunelcare Men's Bridge Tournament

This is a winter rubber bridge tournament for pairs who play in their homes against other men in their "box". More details on the club noticeboard.  If anyone would like to play they should contact Duncan Ogilvie on duncanogi@aol.com or by phone 0117-9736688.


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