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Bristol Bridge Club aims to provide facilities and opportunities for all its members to enjoy playing and learning bridge, no matter at what level. Beginner or international.

We are a large club and are able to offer playing sessions that suit all levels of ability. Non-members are always welcome.

The club has its own premises and we are situated near the centre of Bristol in Hotwells. The club consists of a large playing room with a smaller area for classes and a licensed bar that also offers light refreshments.

The club plays duplicate bridge on most days of the week, usually with a qualified director.

The club is affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU), via the Avon Contract Bridge Association (ACBA).

BRISTOL BRIDGE CLUB is a charity and it has been entered onto the Register of Charities with the Registered Charity Number 1167959.

There is car parking close by.

For directions and map, click here.

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Hand of the Week

Week 41

This week I have two interesting bidding problems from recent events.












North is the dealer and the uncontested auction goes 1h -1s -2c -2d (4th suit) now north has a difficult bid some chose 2nt and were duly raised to 3nt when south thought they were not strong enough to show the club support (3c is game forcing following 2d). Others chose 2s and some souths prematurely bid 4s which like 3nt  was also unsuccessful .


1h -1s -2c-2d-2s -3c looks good and now north bids either 3d over which south bids 3h -4h or bids 3h -4h .Note the careful 3c and 3d bids which pave the way to reach the only making game 4h.


Secondly a more simple auction












the bidding went 1s -2s -3c -4s.



A few points of interest .The 2s raise is predicated on the basis that 1s will be a 5 card suit nearly all the time (playing weak no trumps it will only be 4 if 4-3-3-3 provided you open all other strong no trump shapes 1m) and look how easy it makes the later bidding since north knows of the fit they try for game with 3c which is a long suit try and now with 2 known good cards plus the trump holding south bids 4s. A good rule as responder to a game try is to accept the try with 2 or more "working cards" which include the Queens of both trumps and partner's game try suit (clubs here).

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Sunday 16th 13.15 - Christmas Swiss Teams

Wednesday 19th - Afternoon Party

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