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Bristol Bridge Club - Members Committees

We have a Club full of talented members, experienced in a wide range of fields, and we would like to encourage their input and involvement in the running of the Club.

Our Members Committees - sub-committees to the main Board of Trustees - each focus on particular areas of the Club's activities and members can join any of them to have input into the way the Club is run, contribute their ideas and expertise or simply provide another pair of hands, without having to become a trustee or make any commitment beyond what they are happy to offer.

If you would like to join any of these Committee(s), or would like more information, please contact the relevant Chair, below.

(N.B. individual email addresses to be added shortly, in the meantime please email specifying the committee you wish to contact.)


Club Reopening

Planning the process of re-opening post-lockdown.

Inaugural Chair: Ralph Power




Everything teaching related – courses, seminars, teaching events, directors courses, structure of beginners/improvers sessions, online lessons.

Inaugural Chair: Sue O’Hara




Club sessions – at the Club and online, session scheduling (tying in with Education provision), competitions, bridge rules and rulings. Review of Code of Conduct.

Inaugural Chair: Sue O’Hara



Club Documentation Review

Constitution, Bye-laws and Club rules.

Inaugural Joint Chairs: Caroline Drugan and Stuart King



Marketing and Communications

External and internal marketing of the Club, Club newsletter, Club signage.

Inaugural Chair: Hilda Ball



Events and Catering

Social events run by the Club, food and bar.

Inaugural Chair: Hilda Ball



Building Maintenance

·        Upkeep, maintenance and decoration of the Club building and facilities, etc.

·        Incl fire alarm testing

·        Inc. Health & Safety Officer (can delegate duties, but has over-arching responsibility, maintains manual).

Inaugural Chair: Phil Seymour




Options for relocation and finding new premises if necessary; renting vs ownership, instructing agents, viewing locations. Monitoring Cumberland Basin redevelopment updates etc.

Inaugural Chair: Caroline Drugan



IT and Systems

Website, email and internal communications platforms, computing, contactless payments, display screens, documentation storage, sound systems, wifi.

Inaugural Chair: Stuart King




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