Christmas Swiss Teams 2019

Monday, 16 December 2019 by Sue O'Hara

The Christmas Swiss team (handicapped) event was attended by 104 members from all the bridge sessions of the club. They enjoyed a friendly and jolly atmosphere, followed by a sumptuous spread of food thanks to Annie and her team.  Apart from the main team prizes, there were spot prizes, raffle prizes and many “thank you’s” to staff and many members. The proceed of the raffle will go to a Bristol charity “Caring in Bristol”.  Happy Christmas to you all

Tree and prizes


Play starts


Congratulations to Keith Rayford, Jack Armorgie, Steve Tomlinson and Suzy Lovell who won the Cyril Samuels Trophy. There was confusion over the winning place, under the club rules a team with non members cannot win a club competition. However it has come to light that the non member had offered to join the club before the event and has now paid.

Brian Taylor, Trevor Storm, Joy and Richard Hoy were the runners up