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If you are on your own and you want to play bridge, a big hurdle can be finding a partner. We do our best to help you overcome this.

Firstly, most people come to classes by themselves and not in pairs so do just come along to those on your own.

For sessions and competitions, you will need a partner - and for some you may need a team:

Pianola's Partner Finder

If you are a competent player and just need someone to play with, you can use Pianola's Partner Finder. 

When you log in, you will see the Partner Finder tab (along the top). There you can set up an advert, specifying the session for which you need a partner. Anyone looking for a partner for that session can then contact you. 

To help find someone that plays a similar style of bridge to you, we suggest you go first to 'My Account' (from the drop down menu, top right) and then complete the information on the Bridge Details tab - and make sure you have provided contact details through the Privacy tab.

You can also make some specifications through the Preferences tab in the Partner Finder function.

Partnership Secretaries

Jude Archer and Anne Huddlestone are our Partnership Secretaries. They know lots of members and will happily help you find a suitable partner if you don't like the idea of posting an ad on Pianola.

Call Jude on 07890 769188 or email to

Call Anne on 0117 968 2889 or email to

Directors can help

Directors of some sessions will happily help you find a partner, or play with you themselves if necessary. Please see the session descriptions to see which ones you can turn up to alone.


If you have a partner, but need some team-mates, contact Jude Archer on 07890 769188 or Please give her as much notice as possible to help you find some.


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Pianola Partner Finder

An easy way of finding a partner for a particular session is to use Pianola's Partner Finder.

Login to your account and from the Partner Finder tab you can see if anyone else is advertising for a partner - you can also change your settings so that you are emailed notifications of ads. Or post an ad yourself and they will find you!

If you need help with Pianola, email

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