Mendela Trophy

The Mendela is usually played on the third Thursday of each month. This is a cumulative non-handicapped pairs event played from May through to April each year.


• You do not have to play with the same partner on each occasion
• The winner is the individual or individuals with the highest best 8 scores in the year
• Players with less than 8 scores cannot compete in the competition
• The latest results are shown on the Competitions page in Pianola.


2020 Chris King
2019 Andrew Urbanski
2018 Pat Chant
2017 Steve Tomlinson
2016 Ian Duncan
2015 Steve Tomlinson & Ralph Smith
2014 Steve Tomlinson
2013 Steve Tomlinson
2012 Steve Tomlinson
2011 Steve Tomlinson
2010 Colin Cheek
2009 Colin Cheek & David Hamper
2008 Colin Cheek & David Hamper