Everett Cup

The Everett Cup is the Club Teams Championship and is played in two stages. The qualifier is open to all club members.


2022 Phil Seymour, Richard Gribble, Fiona Herlihy & Jude Archer
2019 Eric Page, Colin Oakley, Alan Williams & Andrew Urbanski
2018 David Turner, Stephen Turner, Andrew Urbanski & Steve Tomlinson
2017 Phil Seymour, David Gregory, Richard Gribble & Mike Ingham
2016 Steve Tomlinson, Nelson Stephens, Robert Covill & Tony Gammon
2015 Mike Letts, Peter Shelley, David Jones & Jan Duncan
2014 Brian Greenwood, Mike Powell, John Brandon-Joyce & Ian Duncan
2013 Peter Sherry, Brian Dyde, Philip Channack & Brian Wibberley
2012 David Jones, Mike Letts, Gareth Evans & Andrew Urbanski
2011 Alan Jones, Gareth Evans, Andrew Urbanski & Myles Ellison
2010 Steve Tomlinson, Chris King, Mike Davies & Cathy Walker
2009 Mike Letts, Nelson Stephens, Preben Schmidt & Lene Priess
2008 David Jones, Duncan Cairns, Richard Dunn & Brian Goalby
2007 Peter Sherry, Brian Dyde, David Hamper & Chris Melluish