Spielman Cup

The Spielman Cup (Club Pairs) is played in two stages.
 The qualifier is open to all club members.The top fourteen pairs qualify. Places below this constitute the reserve list, where qualifying pairs are unable to attend the final.
 The final is played as a 7 table Howell movement on a Tuesday in half of the main room, the other half being a normal club session


2019 David Jones & Mike Huggins
2018 Steve Tomlinson & Ralph Smith
2017 Andrew Smith & Mike Huggins
2016 Robert Covill & Steve Turner
2015 Steve Tomlinson & Ralph Smith
2014 Peter Sherry & Brian Dyde
2013 Mike Brady & Brian Etheridge
2012 Pat Chant & Peter Tilley
2011 Jack Terry & Robert Covill
2010 Rikki Kittel & Mike Elliott
2009 Richard Blacknell & Amin Salah
2008 Margaret Harris & Richard Kendall
2007 Ralph Smith & Lesley Smith