Curtis Cup

A cumulative competition run over two sessions , one in Spring and one in September. Stronger and less strong pairs are drawn to make teams. There are 3 rounds on each Sunday. Each round has cash prizes with an overall prize after the last round. Everyone can play in any number of sessions. The sessions are from 1:15pm until about 7:30pm with a grand tea provided courtesy of the sponsor. The Curtis Cup is named after and supported by Bob Curtis.
 The field is divided into two pools of player, based on experience and handicap into stronger and less strong pairs.
 Teams are drawn immediately before play commences
 You do not have to play with the same partner on each occasion.
 You can play in any number of rounds
 Cash prizes are awarded for the team winning each of the six rounds
 The overall winner is the individual or individuals with the cumulative best score over 3 rounds, discarding your lowest scores in the event of playing in all six rounds.
 Players with less than 3 scores cannot win the overall competition.


2021 Colin Lennox & Hilda Ball
2019 Tony Zaffiro & Terry Butler
2018 Mike Letts & Jane Hague
2017 Steve Tomlinson & Chris King
2016 Steve Tomlinson, Chris King, Margaret Randell & Peter Randell
2015 Steve Tomlinson & Chris King
2014 Nelson Stephens & Sue O’Hara
2013 David Jones & Jan Duncan
2012 Gwynn Davies & Sue Ingham
2011 not played
2010 Steve Tomlinson & Peter Owens
2009 Steve Tomlinson
2008 Margaret Harris & Colin Cheek
2007 Marjorie Williams
2006 Anne Kelly & Dorothy Stamp