Helmore Salver

The Helmore Salver is a rubber bridge competition, played as a knockout. In earlier rounds, seeded pairs may be given byes where the total number of pairs requires (i.e. not 4,8,16,32 etc)
Matches are arranged between pairs at a mutually agreed date, the first named pair being responsible for offering and arranging dates.
 Each round is the best of five rubbers or 30 boards maximum. The highest total wins.
 Only simple systems (EBU level 1) may be used.
 The first person named in the draw is responsible for arranging the venue, date and time of the tie with the other players involved.
 Matches may be played at any venue but Directors are available at the club most evenings.
 Pairs will be seeded according to their handicap.
Simple Systems cards are available at the club


2019 Nelson Stephens & Sue O'Hara
2018 Mike Clew & Nick Chapple
2017 Nelson Stephens & Sue O'Hara
2016 Mike Huggins & Jack Terry
2015 Margaret Alner & Bill Maddox
2014 David Jones & Graham Hartley
2013 Stephen Tomlinson & Mike Huggins
2012 Stephen Tomlinson & Bob Curtis
2011 Colin Cheek & Mike Short
2010 Sheilah Da Silva & Vanessa O’Callaghan
2009 Sarah Hurst & Delia Stephens
2008 Mike Letts & Tony Letts
2007 Cathy Smith & John Styles
2006 Carol Gregg & Lois Mears