Bernard Shannon Trophy

Previous chairman and long standing member of the club, Bernard Shannon decided on a competition where individuals are drawn from a hat to give club members a chance to meet and play with players who they would not normally do so. The event is played annually after the AGM.


2022 Jane Barrett & Caroline Grazebrook
2019 Richard Blacknell & Brian Nichols
2018 Lesley Hood & Colin Lennox
2017 Cynthia Roberts & Andrew Urbanski
2016 Anne Huddleston & Judy Archer
2015 Mike Clew & Josephine Mitchell
2014 Jean Osborn & David Gregory
2013 Cathy Davies & Peter Randell
2012 Gill Davies & Cherry Scott
2011 Brian Dyde & Sheila Montgomery
2010 Peter Randell & Pat Clowes
2009 Chris Selway & Duncan Cairns
2008 Daisy Bickley, Cathy Walker, Oli Noel & Phil Seymour
2007 Colin Cheek, Lesley Hood, Anne Huddleston & Faith Stinchcombe
2006 Gill Davies, Richard Hoy, June Lawson & Dilys Shortridge